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Walk 100 miles by Autumn for a chance to WIN a holiday in Tirol


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17/06/2020 22/09/2020 Alpbachtal Walk 100 miles by Autumn for a chance to WIN a holiday in Tirol
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Full Terms and Conditions

Challenge: Terms and Conditions
1. Scope
2. Competition organiser and prize
3. Participation
4. Exclusion from the competition
5. Conduct and competition procedure
6. Data protection, data processing and data forwarding
7. Ending the competition early
8. Liability
9. Miscellaneous provisions

Article 1 Scope
The present competition terms and conditions apply to the competition arranged by the Austrian National Tourist Office (Verein Österreich Werbung) (hereinafter referred to as "ANTO"), 54 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8HN, London and View Ranger. The competition will run from 17 June 2020 to 21 September 2020. The conduct of this competition and participation in it shall be subject to the provisions set out below.
Article 2 Competition organiser and prize
The competition shall be organised by ANTO in cooperation with its partners Altenmarkt Zauchensee in SalzburgerLand and Alpbachtal in Tirol. One 5-overnightstays for two in a 4* rated hotel for each region can be won.
Article 3 Participation
1. Participation shall be open to individuals aged 18 and over.
2. Participants shall enter the competition by completing the challenge of the chosen destination. An entrant's participation in the competition shall be considered effective only if all of his/her personal details are entered truthfully and in full.
3. Each participant can only enter the competition once.
4. Entries will close 21 September 2020
5. Participation in the competition is not tied to the purchase of any product or the use of any service. Neither the purchase of any product/service, nor agreement to the use of a participant's details for marketing purposes will increase the likelihood of winning.
Article 4 Exclusion from the competition
1. Owners, officials and employees of ANTO, of cooperation partners or of any thirdparty companies involved in organising this competition are not permitted to take part in the competition. This prohibition also applies to the respective relatives (including relations, spouses, partners, in-laws, cohabitees) of the aforementioned individuals and members of their household. Participation in the competition by proxy is excluded.
2. ANTO reserves the right to exclude individuals from the competition in the event of any violation of the present terms and conditions of participation, or if any incorrect information is given in the entry form, whether intentionally or otherwise.
3. Any individuals who use prohibited resources or who otherwise attempt to gain an advantage by means of manipulation shall also be excluded. In the event of any breach of the present terms and conditions of participation, any prizes awarded may be cancelled or reclaimed, including retrospectively.
Article 5 Conduct and competition procedure
1. The conduct of the competition and the selection of the prizes shall be the responsibility of ANTO and its respective partners. From 22 September 2020 to 30 September 2020, ANTO shall draw a winner at random from all the participants who completed the online form. There shall be no right to legal redress.
2. The conditions for delivering the prizes shall be determined by ANTO and the cooperation partners. The organiser reserves the right to replace the prize with another prize of equal value. Exchanging the prize for cash is expressly prohibited. The prize is non-transferable.
3. Winners will be notified by ANTO and their names may be published on www.austria.info and the websites of cooperation partners. The winner hereby explicitly agrees to publication of this kind. ANTO shall be entitled to send the winners' details to cooperation partners for the purpose of delivering the prize. The winner will be notified of their win by e-mail or post. If the winner does not contact us within four weeks of receiving notification of having won a prize, their right to the prize shall expire. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the e-mail and postal addresses provided are accurate. Once he/she has made contact, the winner shall receive a voucher for the stay. The voucher will be sent by post or email by the cooperation partner. The organiser shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation to deliver the prize when the prize is handed over to the post office for delivery. The winner may redeem this voucher within the validity period (as marked on the voucher) and subject to availability, either directly through the cooperation partner or via its holiday information service or hotels (the precise location at which the stay should be booked/the voucher exchanged shall be stated on the voucher).
4. Each participant can only win one prize.
5. The two partners, Alpbachtal and Altenmarkt Zauchensee, have each provided one prize.
Each of the two prizes includes the following.
- 5 overnights stay
- 2 adults
- Half board
- 4*** Hotel
- holiday to be taken in Spring / Summer 2021
The winner must organise their own travel to and from the location by car, aeroplane, etc. and must bear the cost of such travel. Moreover, the winner shall also bear the costs of any personal expenses, such as items from the mini bar, phone calls, etc., incurred during his/her stay. The winner and any individuals travelling with him/her must be able to demonstrate that they are in possession of valid identification documents. If, for reasons not attributable to ANTO or the relevant partners, the trip is not made by the set deadline, the claim to the prize shall expire. By confirming the trip, the winner agrees to be subject to the trip organiser's conditions.
Article 6 Data protection, data processing and data forwarding
In order to run the competition, the Austrian National Tourist Office shall store and process participants' personal data. The winner's data may be forwarded to sponsors or cooperation partners, where this is required to run the competition and to award the prize. Where a participant has provided his/her consent separately, his/her data shall also be processed by the Austrian National Tourist Office and cooperation partners involved in the competition for market research, advertising and information purposes. The participant may withdraw his/her consent to the storage and processing of this data at any time. Further details regarding data protection and information pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 GDPR can be found at Data Protection.
Article 7 Ending the competition early
1. ANTO reserves the right to cancel or end the competition at any time without notice. ANTO shall exercise this right if, in particular, it cannot guarantee proper performance of the competition for technical reasons (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation of or errors in the hardware/software) or for legal reasons. In the event that a competition is ended in this manner as a result of negligent behaviour by a participant, he/she shall not hold ANTO liable or be entitled to any compensation.
2. Participants may not claim contractual performance or damages in the event that the competition is ended early.
Article 8 Liability
1. ANTO shall be released from all its obligations at the point at which the prize is awarded and/or the point at which the trip is carried out by the trip organiser. ANTO shall not be held liable for defects of title and/or material defects. ANTO does not guarantee any quality or intrinsic value of the prize. Facilities may differ from the images shown. ANTO shall accept no liability in the event that a prize awarded is cancelled.
2. Any claims relating to prizes received must be sent directly and exclusively to the cooperation partner that provided the prize.
3. The announcement of the winner shall not constitute a guarantee.
4. ANTO shall not be held liable for damages that may arise due to errors, delays or interruptions in transmission; disruption to technical systems and services; inaccurate content; loss or deletion of data; viruses, or any other incidents that may occur during participation in the competition, unless such damages are caused by ANTO (or vicarious agents), either intentionally or through gross negligence. This provision shall not apply to any injury to life, body and health due to an intentional or grossly negligent breach of obligations by ANTO or its vicarious agent. In this case, liability shall be limited to the minimum permitted by law.
Article 9 Miscellaneous provisions
1. There shall be no right to legal recourse.
2. Should individual provisions of the competition terms and conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
3. ANTO reserves the right to modify or add to these conditions at any time without providing justification, insofar as this is in the interest of simple and safe performance, and, in particular, where this is required in order to prevent abuses or for other reasons.
4. The present provisions are subject to Austrian law. Irrespective of the provisions of Article 1, the place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from this competition, shall be the competent court for administrative district (Sprengel) 1010 Vienna, provided that the participant is not a consumer. All taxes and fees in connection with a prize shall be borne by the respective winner.