ViewRanger has merged into Outdooractive. Connect your account now and access improved tools and better maps.

ViewRanger and Outdooractive have come together to create the ultimate online outdoor experience. We are proud of what we have achieved. Come with us and experience it for yourself!

As a member of the ViewRanger community you have helped us learn, grow, and develop ViewRanger into a leader in the digital outdoor space. We are always striving to provide you, our ViewRanger community, with the best possible outdoor experience. Since October 2019, the ViewRanger and Outdooractive teams have been working closely together behind the scenes to integrate our platforms.

Connect your ViewRanger account with Outdooractive and start enjoying the benefits today!

Together we have decided to put all of our efforts into one platform and this is why we want you to come with us. Join us on the new Outdooractive integrated platform where all the new and exciting improvements will happen. We have already added most of your favorite VR features, including Skyline augmented reality, BuddyBeacon, and plenty of high-quality official maps, which are now part of Outdooractive’s exciting collection of features.

Connect your ViewRanger account with Outdooractive to transfer your routes, tracks, POIs, and profile into the combined app.

One-stop trip planner

Get all your trip data in one place: maps, route guides, travel tips, weather, trip guides, trails accessibility, accommodations and rest spots.

Better tools

Enjoy custom trail routing engine that calculates the shortest, flattest, and fastest routes and plan detailed routes on desktop with powerful web-based planning tools and maps printing option.

More maps

Use the uniquely prepared Outdooractive vector map, with winter/summer shading options, alongside your favourite premium maps (OS maps, IGN, SwissTopo, KOMPASS, etc)

Top features

Skyline, navigation with speech output, up-to-date tracks conditions, weather forecast, creating user groups, joint trips, and many other features.

Everything you love - plus more

Routes and Tracks
Manually plot routes in-app and on the web
Route finder
Route collections
Save and print routes
Track recording
Unlimited adding photos to tracks
Current route conditions
Embed routes, lists and other content on websites and blogs
Maps & Navigation
Free terrain maps
Unlimited offline maps
Free offline maps
Multiple Coordinate Types
Navigation along the route
Creation and navigation to POI
GPX files export & import
More outdoor features
Sign up and monitor Challenge
Activity Feed
Creation of user groups
Weather forecast
Accommodation suggestions
Skyline AR
3D Flyover maps
Watch App
Online tracking with BuddyBeacon
Discounts of up to 30% from our partners
Platform available in 13 languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, Romanian, Portuguese, Czech, Finish, Russian, Hungarian
*a feature is part of the ViewRanger PREMIUM/PREMIUM+ subscriptions
**a feature is part of the Outdooractive PRO/PRO+ subscriptions

If you want to know more or have any questions, please review our FAQs section below.

Why is ViewRanger asking me to connect my account with Outdooractive?
How do I connect my ViewRanger Account with Outdooractive?
Will all ViewRanger features be available in the Outdooractive app?
Are you compliant with GDPR rules?
What will happen to maps I purchased outside of a ViewRanger subscription?