2019-09-18 Grindleford to Bamford

Wednesday 18th September 2019 10:45

Walking track by Ivor Hutchinson

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Comfortably warm. With Richard. Train to Grindleford was delayed by 10 minutes or more, so plenty of time for Richard to amble over from platform 8... This is not 100% the route that Richard had planned, as, for some reason, he intended to do a silly detour before Grindleford bridge! But a good walk, not too difficult - although there was an amount of geriatric grumbling at some of the ups and downs after Leadmill. That stretch alongside the R. Derwent to Shatton was unexpectedly undulating! After Shatton, the route heads for a pleasantly situated building which turns out, surprisingly, to be a Quaker retreat. Then along the old railway line (serving the reservoir construction, presumably) before dropping down to Bamford Mills. Lunch taken in the Anglers Rest and a meet-up with Dave Sheridan again. Only the 3 pints (2½ for Richard!) and 2½ hours this time!