27c Seeking the Eastern Terrace

by Sue Carne @ 13:45 17/Sep/2016

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The Eastern Terrace is well hidden within the castle grounds. The best impression as to where it is can be viewed from Victoria Bridge. Stroll along the Thames Path towards Datchett and look across the River Thames. A tree covered terrace is evident but the lawns are beyond the trees and not visible. One of the principal myths is that the ‘odd’ distance was determined by the position of the start, and it is commonly suggested that the start was moved to the East Terrace of Windsor Castle at the request of the Princess of Wales, Princess Mary, so that her children could have a good view of the start from the nursery windows. No evidence has been found to support this story: nothing has been found in the royal archives7, and while Princess Mary started the race, there is strong evidence, that this was a spur of the moment decision, and in any event, her influence made no difference to the distance.

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