Burma 2013. Day 4. Wednesday Oct 30. Kalaw to Pindaya.

Wednesday 30th October 2013 07:37

Off Road Biking track by Bruce Singleton

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Day 4. Shan Plateau to Pindaya. On Wednesday 30th October we cycled from Kalaw to Pindaya. We had a very muddy off-road cycle ride from Kalaw to Taung Nia beautiful mountain village where the people produce tea and oranges. We enjoyed drinking tea, eating oranges and tea salad. After an hour in the village we cycled through more challenging muddy tracks to the road where we cycled to a town for lunch. The first 10 miles was technically very challenging. After lunch we took the bus and checked into Pindaya Inle Inn, a beautiful hotel, staffed by beautiful people. Then we visited Pindaya Caves and saw stalactites, stalagmites and thousands of Buddha. We ate in the Pinday Inle Inn. I had sweet and sour fish and shared Myanmar wine with friends. See photos at www.ascotphoto.co.uk (Travel | Burma 2013).