Ross Spencer

Ross Spencer

4x4 Response
X 4x4 Response

4x4 Response

Awarded: 09/12/2020

Completed the #bike2020 500 miles challenge
X Completed the #bike2020 500 miles challenge

Completed the #bike2020 500 miles challenge

Awarded: 20/09/2020

  • cycle touring
  • mountain biking
  • greenlaning / off road driving
  • Kayaking / canoeing
  • Photography

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I'm the owner of a small events company in the East of England, operating mainly out of Norfolk & Suffolk. I'm a cyclist, photographer and 4x4 driver who spends much of his time away from urban civilisation.

I'm also a volunteer 4x4 Responder with Norfolk and Suffolk 4x4 Response and the group's Events Coordinator

Some of the routes you'll find on my page are related to the events that I help organise, coordinate or run.

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