ViewRanger is now Outdooractive!

ViewRanger and Outdooractive have come together to create the ultimate online outdoor experience. We are proud of what we have achieved. Come with us and experience it for yourself!

Access to the ViewRanger app and website was switched off at the end of February 2022. Your adventure continues, of course - at Outdooractive!

Tracks, Routes, Maps, Points of Interest, and other data that you created in ViewRanger are waiting for you in your Outdooractive account.

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Connect your ViewRanger account with Outdooractive and start enjoying the benefits today!

We have already added to Outdooractive many of your favourite ViewRanger features, including Skyline augmented reality, BuddyBeacon, and plenty of high-quality official maps, which are now part of Outdooractive’s exciting collection of features.

Connect your ViewRanger account with Outdooractive to transfer your maps, routes, tracks, POIs, and profile into the combined app.

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